Fresh vs. Powder Camel Milk

    In regards to powdered milk versus fresh milk, the subjects of interest are the differences in nutrition, as well as overall usability and accessibility between the two. From the health side, powdered milk and fresh milk share several major nutritional properties. There are various studies claiming that one side is more beneficial than the other, however most of these are merely hearsay. The main variable in question is if the heat actually damages nutrients in the milk during this powdered conversion process.

   As DromeDairy Naturals proudly sources powder from the Al Ain dairy, we can be sure that we are preserving key components. For example, Al Ain dairy performed trials of camel milk production in Singapore and used spray drying technology from facilities of the world leader of spray dryer manufacturing in Denmark. Al Ain dairy is the only company in U.A.E. to use this precisely unique method. The result is 100% pure, fresh camel milk, with no added neutralizers, preservatives or other chemicals. Al Ain’s recent accolades for their methods include “Most Innovative Product” prize at SIAL 2014, “Highly Recommended Product” at Gulf Foods 2015, “Favorite Dairy Brand” by BBC Good Food ME, and “Best Nutritional Drink” at Dubai Drink Technology Expo. Thus, DromeDairy Naturals’ camel milk powder follows these exact same exceptional standards of quality, to preserve the naturally essential vitamins and minerals of the liquid form.

   On the other hand, liquid milk is inferior to powdered milk in terms of convenience and overall consumer-friendliness. At DromeDairy, we offer flexible sizes that mirror the full spectrum of consumer interest. For instance, our consumers love that they can purchase a 250-gram box from us to use in their home kitchen, while simultaneously having access to individual, 25-gram sized “travel pouches”. These are very useful and appropriate for anyone with a busy schedule and constantly on-the-go; ranging from mothers, to students, to health and outdoors enthusiasts. Most importantly, the shelf life of DromeDairy camel milk powder is up to 1 year, as opposed to the 5-day shelf life of fresh milk. Clearly, this is a dramatic contrast between the two and this factor alone makes camel milk powder exponentially more feasibly sound on an everyday basis.