DromeDairy™ Camel Milk: The Ultimate Additive

   I’d venture to guess when you’re going to buy a new product like camel milk, you don’t always know the questions to ask ahead of time. This isn’t common knowledge to most people, given how fresh this is to the market as a whole. Hopefully, I can help provide some information to better educate you on the incredibly healthy dairy, that is camel milk. As you may know, the nutritional value and capabilities are nothing short of incredible.

   The first thing you may be wondering the best way to use it . Camel milk is absolutely fantastic for cooking. If you completely replace cow’s milk in all your recipes, you will create a much healthier dish. DromeDairy™ has a wide variety of recipes on their website, there you will find the cooking with camel milk series. Another great way to use your nutritious milk is with coffee. Camel milk cappuccinos and lattes are popular in places like the Middle East. The creamy taste of the steamed camel milk combined with the espresso makes for a sophisticated, delicious and healthy morning or afternoon drink. Protein shakes, pre and post workout beverages are also a perfect fit. In the shakes, customers often use camel milk instead of traditional milk, to get the competitive nutritional edge. Finally, you can just drink it straight!

   Curious if we use any additives? Not a chance!  Gluten and GMOs have taken center stage and people experience major sensitivity to them. That is why DromeDairy Naturals® has a completely gluten-free product. We are strictly against antibiotics and use zero hormones in our milk. Additionally, our happy camels receive the highest quality alfalfa hay and pellets, to insure their nutrition. The health of our camels is extremely important in every regard. 

   Now you may wondering when going to make your camel milk purchase; why is it expensive? The reason behind this isn’t due to anything other than a lack of supply and the strict, demanding production process. This wildly affects the price, especially since powder requires a highly advanced spray drying process, to preserve all nutritional value. All of these factors combined, ultimately drive the price higher. However, DromeDairy Naturals® has the most premium product for at the most affordable price.

   Finally, you might ask what the milk producing camels look like. Among a couple different breeds, the dromedary camel provides a majority of the milk you’ll find. These have one hump, and there’s a large population in existence. You will typically find them in India, Somalia and a handful of Middle Eastern countries. The two hump camel is also well-recognized, known as the bactrian. They don’t typically produce milk for consumption and they are close to extinction. The dromedary takes the spotlight and rightfully so. The milk they produce contains incredible capabilities, you probably won’t find in another product. Take advantage of The Healthy Dairy™, it will make a positive impact.