Camel Milk Growing In Popularity in the United States and Around the World

Cows have some competition. Camel milk is more nutritious with some very specific health benefits causing the demand for it to rise. This new superfood has taken the dairy market by storm. This product has been popular in the Middle East and Africa for generations, it is just now becoming popular in places like Australia, Canada, and the United States.

The rise in popularity could be do the various health benefits of camel milk. It is high in vitamins and minerals such as calcium and B1. Easier to drink for individuals who are lactose intolerant. Plus has a delicious taste!

Despite all these benefits, the concept of camel milk might still be new to North American consumers. Camel milk is higher in price than other milks. One camel produces five to 6 liters per day – compared to the 16 liters produced by the average cow. This makes camel milk much more rare and desirable.

One place that is embracing Camel Milk is Australia. It is home to the largest herd of wild camels in the world. They have wholeheartedly embraced this superfood in soaps, cosmetics, and even chocolate. According to the Australian Camel Industry Association, Compared with cow’s milk, camel milk has five times the vitamin C and ten times the iron. It's no wonder why its a favorite in Australia and soon to be the United States.

Camel Milk in the USA has been growing steadily. The increase in demand is making producers such as Al Ain Dairy to increase supply dramatically. The sale of camel milk was only made legal in the USA in 2012, and while demand is growing, the market hasn’t grown enough to make it as widely available as cow milk. There is also the high cost. Luckily DromeDairy Naturals is considerably cheaper than any competitors and your best source for high quality, all natural camel milk!