Camel Milk Growing In Popularity

Camel Milk Growing In Popularity

Thanks to the Washington Post for writing a great article on Camel Milk! We obviously know its fantastic but now they are spreading the word too!

The Washington Post had this to say:

"The newest soon-to-be trendy milk comes from camels...

Camel milk might sound strange — but one taste will get you over the hump. Demand in the United States is growing for this alternative milk because of its health benefits. Bloomberg News reports that camel milk has five times the vitamin C and 10 times the iron as cow’s milk, according to the Australian Camel Industry Association, and it doesn’t contain the whey proteins that contribute to dairy allergies.

The milk has long been popular in the Middle East and Africa, but its nutritional benefits are causing demand to surge in the United States and Asia. Australia may be poised to become a big producer of camel milk, but the U.S. farms are quite small. There are camel dairy farms in Ohio, Missouri and Indiana, among other states. That means there’s less produced here, and it’s quite expensive."

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