Camel Milk: Educating Americans

   The Thanksgiving holiday is always an interesting experience. Families reunited for the first time in months and major differences in opinion on multiple levels. This is what my household consisted of for a drawn out forty-eight hour period. Despite the conflicting personalities, much interest was had when I pulled out the 25kg sachet of DromeDairy Naturals®. In general, the reactions I receive when I introduce camel milk to someone for the first time is nothing short of priceless. I’d say more often than not people look at me like I’ve gone crazy. I’ve even had people think I’m talking about chamomile, yes like the tea. Once I truly explain the nutritional properties to those who will listen through, the general reaction is astonishment. Most people have never considered consuming camel milk; especially since the United States camel population is sparse at best. In fact, a majority of those who produce camel milk domestically are Amish Farmers with one to two camels apiece. There is no way to make that operation sustainable and until now, this is what USA consumers had to settle for. Luckily, as of lately times have changed, and the domestic camel milk supply has increased substantially, solely because of DromeDairy Naturals®! This means it’s time to educate consumers about the benefits of this wonderful product.

   After flaunting the camel milk about my family gathering, I began to explain all the nutritional facts to an aunt of mine who I hadn’t seen in many years. Among all the people I’ve outlined DromeDairy Naturals® to, she seemed more intrigued than most. I began to delve into the nutritional facts, explaining that camel milk is an all-natural pro-biotic, loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals otherwise unavailable in milk alternatives. Just wait… it gets better. Not only is our camel milk 100% all-natural, but it’s loaded with Vitamin C and Iron, actually 3-5x more when compared ounce for ounce with cow’s milk. Auntie was overflowing with excitement, as I continued to explain the applications in the health and wellness community, specially fitness enthusiasts, paleo participants, whole 30 goers on top those who just appreciate a healthy lifestyle. Well, come to find out she is a practicing nutritionist! She explained that she meets with patients daily who struggle with countless dietary issues including leaky gut, vitamin deficiencies and immune system issues. Luckily, camel milk is the closest product to human breast milk in regards to nutrition. Most notably the large volume of lactoferrin camel milk maintains. Lactoferrin is often referred to as the magic milk protein for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal capabilities. Meaning, DromeDairy™ is perfect for those who need an extra nutritional boost and want to maximize dietary potential.

   As you’d expect my nutritionist aunt was beyond excited, especially since she had never head of camel milk! That’s when I realized the true lack of knowledge of the camel milk! I see it as a blessing and a curse. It’s exiting to educate people about the power of camel milk, but it’s also extremely difficult to do all alone. Our mission at DromeDairy Naturals® is to supply the most premium camel milk on the market, at an affordable price. By doing this we help people around the world maximize their dietary potential and create a daily nutritional regimen every dietician can feel comfortable approving. That’s why we need your help spreading the word about camel milk around the USA and world, we can’t do it alone!

   While there are a few camel milk companies stateside, there is only one that truly provides the highest quality product at a low price. Yes, that’s us here at DromeDairy Naturals®. Our happy camels are treated like royalty, walked and milked daily! They produce the best camel milk in the world, and we are exited to bring it to you. Camel milk should will be in every household across the USA, so help us spread the word about The Healthy Dairy™!