Camel Milk and Fitness Recovery

Camel Milk and Fitness Recovery

Recovery & Rehydration post workout are crucial for your muscles. The common advice is to have whey after a weight lifting or crossfit session because it’s a fast protein. You want to get protein in your muscles as fast as you can to maximize recovery.

Fact is that many weight lifters and other fitness athletes have used camel milk as a post workout drink for generations. Read more to discover all the benefits.

Camel Milk Content. 1 cup (250ml) camel milk contains 8g protein, 13g carbs & 8g fat for a total of 150kcal. 1 cup also has 290mg calcium & 107g sodium. This combo makes camel milk perfect for lean body mass gains & recovery. Full content:

  • Casein: Slow digesting protein. A dairy protein that keeps you full longer and helps fat loss & muscle repair.
  • Whey: Fast digesting protein. This is the same kind of whey you find in protein shakes.
  • BCAA: Camel milk is rich in branched chain amino acids : leucine, isoleucine and valine. A diet rich in protein, especially dairy protein like camel milk, will get you plenty of BCAAs. No need to waste your money on supplements.
  • Carbs: Camel milk contains lactose. Your body uses this sugar to replenish your energy stores. Some can’t digest lactose. Check the tips at the bottom.
  • Fat: Unless you go fat-free, Camel milk contains 1 to 3g fat per 100ml. Fats digest slowly and keep you full longer, thus decreasing hunger.
  • Calcium: Calcium increases fat loss & improves bone health. The latter is especially important if you’re a woman (osteoporosis).
  • Water: Milk is about 87% water. Proper hydration improves muscle recovery and can increase strength by preventing fatigue & stalling.
  • Electrolytes: Camel milk contains sodium & potassium. These minerals improve re-hydration by retaining the fluids you consume post workout.
  • Nutrients. Biotin, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, vitamin K, riboflavin and many others (naturally or through fortification).

5 Reasons You Should Drink Camel Milk Post Workout.

  1. Muscle Gains: Research shows a mix of slow and fast digesting protein is superior for lean body mass gains.
  2. Fat Loss: Dairy calcium increases fat loss. The fat in camel milk keeps you full longer which decreases hunger and thus helps you to lose fat.
  3. Recovery: Camel milk is a fluid and has electrolytes. Research shows camel milk is superior to water and sport drinks for rehydration post workout.
  4. Cheap: When you consider the protein (whey/casein/BCAA) and calorie content of camel milk, it’s one of the cheapest foods available.
  5. Easy:  1 quarter (1 liter) milk can be a perfect post workout meal depending on your daily caloric needs.

Quick Tip. Some people can’t digest lactose. Camel Milk is a great alternative because it does not contain "beta-lactoglobin" - the protein in cow's milk that causes allergic reactions, making it easier to drink!