Raw vs. Pasteurized Process

What's all the fuss about?

The ongoing discussion, or debate for some, focuses around whether or not camel milk loses its amazing nutritional properties when it is dried and powderized. I have heard many people claim that if the camel milk is heated at all, it loses all of its nutritional value. This is about as baseless of a claim as saying you don't think camel milk is good for you in the first place! Of course the camel milk is still packed with vitamins and minerals!

In fact, one of the healthiest components in milk is calcium, which is actually very stable and unaffected by heating or processing. Sure, one could make the argument that anything will lose a tiny amount of nutritients when heated or boiled, but whats important to remember here is that DromeDairy uses a top-notch, low temp method, unlike most dairies.

As DromeDairy Naturals® proudly sources powder from the Al Ain Dairy, we can be sure that we are preserving key components in your camel milk. For example, Al Ain dairy performed trials of camel milk production in Singapore and used spray drying technology from facilities of the world leader of spray dryer manufacturing in Denmark. Al Ain dairy is the only company in U.A.E. to use this precisely unique and low-temp method for our camel milk- preserving the high health benefits of the camel milk.

The result is 100% pure, fresh camel milk, with no added neutralizers, preservatives or other chemicals. Al Ain’s recent accolades for their methods include “Most Innovative Product” prize at SIAL 2014, “Highly Recommended Product” at Gulf Foods 2015, “Favorite Dairy Brand” by BBC Good Food ME, and “Best Nutritional Drink” at Dubai Drink Technology Expo.

DromeDairy Naturals’ camel milk powder follows these exact same exceptional standards of quality, to preserve the naturally occurring and essential vitamins and minerals of the liquid form.