DromeDairy™ Camel Milk & Lactoferrin

Never heard of it. Why should I care? 

This may not have been your first response when you first read or heard about lactoferrin, but it was certainly mine. And I'll tell you why. I am constantly pushing myself to consume healthier foods, engage in more demanding workouts, and really just become more "health conscious", as a whole. Yet, the magical and mind-blowing powers of lactoferrin were unknown to me!

Lactoferrin is often regarded as "The Magic Milk Protein", as the benefits of this multifunctional protein are truly ESSENTIAL to the human body!

Naturally, lactoferrin is one of the components of our body's immune system, and it provides anti-bacterial activity to humans, specifically, infants. That's not all though - lactoferrin has antibacterial, antiviral, anti parasitic, anti-allergic, and anti-cancer properties and functions.

Before I get too scientific, I just want to add that lactoferrin also takes part in the transfer of iron to our cells and has positive effects on bone turnover. 

To make it even better, camel milk has 10x more lactoferrin than regular ol' cow's milk! Thus, by incorporating a glass of camel's milk into the daily regime, you are stimulating that lactoferrin receptor (trust me, your body will thank you)!