DromeDairy™ Camel Milk: What You Need to Know

   As a camel milk ambassador of sorts I’m tasked with educating consumers of something they literally have no idea exists. In other industries there’s a general knowledge of a product, you just have to convince the buyer that your brand is better. This case doesn’t quite fit that scenario, especially given there’s less than 3,000 camels here in the USA. Most Americans rarely see camels as it is, much less considered consuming their milk. Therefore, convincing someone it is better can be difficult initially. This isn’t due to general nutritional information, that is always an attention getter. The issue lies in that people aren’t always willing to listen or try new things in general. When there’s something I enjoy and appreciate, I am loyal to it. Therefore, convincing milk alternative consumers they should purchase DromeDairy Naturals® camel milk, instead of silk, almond or coconut is difficult at first. Although, once the facts are on the table it’s easy to see why camel milk is the healthiest dairy available.

   The first and easiest question I typically get to answer is why camel milk is better than other alternatives. I meet countless people who have settled for products like almond or coconut milk for years simply because of their negative reactions to cow’s milk. Lactose intolerance is a major problem, hundreds of thousands of people have to deal with on a daily basis, and the amount of products that maintain cow’s milk is astounding. Given these factors it is only sensible for people to purchase other milk options, but the issue lies in that most alternatives don’t maintain the nutritional value traditional cow’s milk does. That is why among them all, DromeDairy Naturals® is the smartest and healthiest milk option available. Camel milk is treasured for the large volume of vitamins and minerals it maintains, which can enrich the nutritional value in multiple areas such as recipes, protein shakes, smoothies or just drinking straight! What caught my eye was the comparison in nutritional value to traditional cow’s milk. Not only is DromeDairy™ an all-natural probiotic, but it also contains five times more iron and three to five times more vitamin-c than cow’s milk. Camel milk is also an excellent source of antioxidants and maintains the powerful iron-binding protein, lactoferrin, which has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal capabilities. If that’s not enough, then I should also add that DromeDairy Naturals® camel milk is 100% all-natural and contains no additives, antibiotics, preservatives or gluten. Given all these factors it is easy to see why DromeDairy™ is, by far, the best option available.

   The next point of interest I typically receive is to explain how our camels are treated, what they eat and just an all around overview of their daily routine! I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that our camel are treated like royalty, as they should! To insure they produce highest quality milk available, our camels are fed only the best alfalfa hay and pellets, free from pesticides and genetically modified organisms. They are free to roam about the pastures at their own will, and are treated with the utmost respect. From the pasture, the milk is moved to a world class processing facility. State of the art technology, created specifically for our operation uses a precise spray-drying technique to produce our nutritious, fresh milk. Our standards guarantee exceptional quality with preserved nutritional value, and the overall process produces a ultra-premium camel milk product, sold around the world.

   After I run through the overview of the operation, people often wonder if there is a difference between the powder and liquid milk. The simple answer to that one is easy, No Way! I'll get more in depth to explain why... While raw, liquid milk, is often referred to as the most nutritious, it can also contain some unwanted bacteria that can make you sick! This is why we use a swift, yet precise pasteurization process to avoid this unwanted bacteria and bring all vital nutritional elements to the forefront. Once through pasteurization we use a intricate spray-drying technique to preserve the healthy vitamins and minerals that our camel milk is treasured for. Just like that we have the best camel milk powder available! DromeDairy Naturals® offers three different packaging options to accommodate to every consumer's needs. For those on-the-go, we offer convenient “travel size” sachets, so you can be sure to have DromeDairy™ on hand anytime you need an extra boost! Our kitchen savvy and fitness oriented customers tend to buy our 400g bags, as it is perfect for creating delicious, paleo-friendly recipes and nutritious protein shakes. We also offer a 25kg option, notably used for creating incredible complimentary products like chocolate and ice cream. As you can see, serving powder camel milk opposed to liquid is the most convenient and sensible option in every regard.

   After reviewing camel milk in depth, you can probably see how it can impact lives around the world. With all the nutritional aspects at hand, combined with overall convenience, buying DromeDairy Naturals® camel milk is a no brainer. Our mission of supplying and educating consumers about camel milk runs deep, simply because we see the positive effects it has had on current consumers and the potential for those who have yet to try it. Join us in spreading awareness about camel milk and bringing DromeDairy Naturals® to households around the world!


Nothing Added. Nothing Removed.

  DromeDairy Naturals Camel Milk Powder is made from 100% pure camel milk. Our world-renowned drying and pasteurization methods protect the nutritional properties of camel milk.  Camel milk’s countless health benefits and creamy consistency make it the perfect dairy alternative.

  DromeDairy Naturals Camel Milk is free of gluten, as well as does not contain any hormones, antibiotics, additives, or preservatives. DromeDairy is a natural probiotic and its rich calcium density makes it the perfect immune system boost.

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